Wellbutrin XL (300mg)

Wellbutrin XL (300mg)


Brand or Generic: Brand

Unit Type: Tablet

Strength: 300mg

Package Price: $77.40

Package Size: 60

Chemical Name: Bupropion XL

Dispensing Country: Turkey

Manufacturer: Biovail-GlaxoSmithKline

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Wellbutrin SR Bupropion sustained-release tablets (Wellbutrin(R) SR) What do bupropion sustained-release tablets do?BUPROPION (Wellbutrin(R) SR) is an antidepressant, a medicine that helps to lift mental depression. Bupropion acts differently from other antidepressants and may be useful for treating patients who have had unusual or limiting effects from other antidepressants. Occasionally bupropion is prescribed for other behavioral or emotional problems.