Nicorette (Mint) (2mg)

Nicorette (Mint) (2mg)


Please Note: You may order only as much as your physician prescribes for you and we only ship a three month supply at a time.

Brand or Generic: Brand

Unit Type: Tablet

Strength: 2mg

Package Price: $35.96

Package Size: 1

Chemical Name: Nicotine Polacrilex

Dispensing Country: United Kingdom

Manufacturer: Johnson&Johnson

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Nicorette Nicotine chewing gum What does nicotine chewing gum do?Nicotine (Nicorette(R)) helps people stop smoking. By replacing nicotine found in cigarettes, physical withdrawal effects are less severe. Nicotine chewing gum is most effective when used in combination with a supervised stop-smoking program. Nicotine gum is for use over short periods of time (not more than 6 months). Generic nicotine chewing gum is available.