Estrace (1mg)

Estrace (1mg)


Brand or Generic: Brand

Unit Type: Tablet

Strength: 1mg

Package Price: $57.96

Package Size: 84

Chemical Name: Estradiol

Dispensing Country: New Zealand

Manufacturer: Novo Nordisk

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Estrace Estradiol, Ethinyl Estradiol tablets What do estradiol or ethinyl estradiol tablets do?ESTRADIOL (Estrace(R)) and ETHINYL ESTRADIOL (Estinyl(R)) are estrogens that are essential for maintaining normal female functions. Estradiol is normally produced by the ovaries. After menopause, the ovaries decrease their production of this hormone. Estrogens can help relieve symptoms of the menopause (hot flashes, night sweats, mood changes, and vaginal dryness and irritation), and help to prevent the onset of osteoporosis (a loss of bone mass, so that bones become brittle and easily broken). Estrogens can also help improve female functions in women with hormonal imbalance or problems with their ovaries. Estrogens may also be given to certain men or women with inoperable breast cancers or prostate cancer. Occasionally these medications are used for other purposes. Generic estradiol and ethinyl estradiol tablets are available.